Телекинез реален для всех!

Телекинез реален для всех!

Новосибирские ученые разработали новый простой способ развития телекинеза в домашних условиях. Этот эффект был случайно обнаружен при исследовании антигравитации. И сразу был опубликован на официальном сайте Лаборатории.

Телекинез. Первые шаги.

Для понимания, человеку надо все исследовать самому.

Телекинез. В ходе проведения различных опытов с весами Козырева, было замечено, что наблюдение за ходом опыта меняет его результаты. Дальнейшие опыты только воздействием силы мысли на стрелку прибора, показали, что мысль вполне материальна и способна воздействовать на стрелку прибора Козырева как научиться телекинезу .

Приблизительный  план развития телекинеза.

Телекинез реален для всех!

Telekinesis. First step.

To understand, a person needs to explore everything himself.

Telekinesis. During various experiments with Kozyrev’s weights, it was noted that observation of the course of the experiment changes its results. Further experiments only by the influence of the power of thought on the arrow of the device, showed that the thought is quite material and is able to influence the arrow of the device Kozyrev.

About telekinesis.

Many experimenters called telekinesis exposure to energy emitted from the hands. Using the remote influence of hands, fingers (to help the thought), of course, always and accurately directs the arrow to any desired position on the scale of the device. The energy of heat and life of human hands, their movement, rotation, etc., is already enough to influence the arrow of the device (on any body), and it is not telekinesis. But this can surprise the audience.The effect is exclusively thought, can be called telekinesis, there is Absolutely no doubt that the manifestations of thought are material, and thought is a common physical phenomenon. In an untrained person, the power of thought is approximately equal to the strength of the light flux emitted by an ordinary flashlight. And in this statement, you can see for yourself. As in the fact that thought, being information and power, is able to be stored and transmitted in space, while changing the properties of objects.